Be Unique, Be Inspired

The lo’bat Concept

Lo’bat strongly believes that fashion is more than just trends and consumerism, fashion can provide answers and new approaches to human needs in a rather poetic manner. It can be a form of art that people wear and live.

Our Wild Way

Additionally, to know a little more about how these accessories are made, we would like to point out that although the base material of Lobat is recycled paper, it doesn’t actually come in direct contact with the skin. The recycled paper is layered with paint and a top coat which ensures that customers who may have sensitive skin towards recycled paper can wear it. Regardless of that matter, we do our due diligence of cleaning the recycled paper thoroughly, and then by adding paint and topcoat, we ensure Lobat accessories are clean and safe to use for our customers. We recommend preventing your lobats to come in touch with water and keeping them in dry and non-humid conditions

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